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tv installation service

At Theater Monster, we understand that your home entertainment setup is more than just electronics – it's an integral part of your living space. Our professional TV installation service is designed to enhance your viewing experience while seamlessly integrating with your home's aesthetics. As new homeowners, you deserve nothing less than a top-tier entertainment solution that perfectly complements your new space.

why choose Professional
tv installation service

Installing a TV might seem straightforward, but the difference between a professional installation and a DIY approach is night and day.

Our team of experienced technicians brings a wealth of expertise to ensure that your TV is installed flawlessly, leaving you with a setup that is both functional and visually pleasing.

Benefits of Our
tv installation service

Optimized Viewing

We take into account your room's layout and seating arrangement to ensure every seat in the house offers an exceptional viewing experience.

Cable Management

Say goodbye to tangled wires and unsightly cables. Our meticulous cable management techniques guarantee a clutter-free and organized setup.

Sleek Aesthetics

We understand the importance of maintaining the beauty of your home. Our installations are designed to seamlessly blend into your space, enhancing its overall ambiance.

Secure Mounting

Whether you prefer a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted installation, we use sturdy mounts and ensure a secure attachment, giving you peace of mind.

Custom Solutions

Every home is unique, and so are our solutions. We tailor our installations to match your preferences, room layout, and décor style.

Enhanced Safety

Ensuring your TV is securely installed, providing peace of mind for your family.

Standard Wall Mount

Secure and sleek TV installation on any flat interior wall. Enjoy optimized viewing angles and discreet cable management for an unobtrusive setup that enhances your space.

Above Fireplace

Elevate your entertainment by mounting your TV above the fireplace. Our expert installation ensures a safe, stylish, and comfortable viewing experience.


Extend your entertainment to the great outdoors. Our outdoor TV mounting option provides durable and weather-resistant solutions, transforming your patio or backyard into an entertainment hotspot.

Frame TV

Enhance your living space with the Samsung Frame TV. With a blend of technology and artistry, our installation transforms your TV into a stunning piece of framed artwork when not in use, seamlessly merging technology and decor.

tailored tv mounting
options for your home

When it comes to TV installation, Theater Monster understands that every home is unique. Our service goes beyond the basics to provide you with tailored solutions that suit your preferences and living space. With a focus on aesthetics, functionality, and safety, we ensure that your TV setup seamlessly integrates into your home while delivering an unparalleled viewing experience.


Our Online
booking process

Our online booking process empowers you to tailor your TV installation to your preferences, providing transparency and control. It eliminates the back-and-forth of phone calls and streamlines the process, making it easier than ever to transform your entertainment setup.

Ready to enhance your home entertainment experience? Start your journey towards a professionally installed TV by customizing your options on our Shopify website today. With Theater Monster, your perfect TV setup is just a few clicks away.

Follow these steps to book your Professional TV Installation.

  1. TV Size:

    Select your TV size for a tailored installation approach.

  2. Mounting Option:

    Choose from standard wall, above fireplace, or outdoor setups.

  3. Bracket Preference:

    Pick your bracket type: fixed, articulating, or tilt.

  4. Electrical Outlet

    Opt for a behind-TV outlet for a clean setup (optional).

  5. 4K HDMI Cable:

    Choose a longer cable if needed (optional).

  6. Checkout:

    Pay securely and move to scheduling.

  7. Schedule Installation:

    Use our real-time calendar to select a convenient date.

our pricing

TV Size

Each TV Size Category has its own pricing tier.

For TV’s Sized 19”-42” and 43”-65” We charge $200 for Professional Installation.

For TV’s Sized 75”-85” There is an additional $50 Charge.

For TV’s Sized 86” + There is an additional $100 Charge.


Standard interior wall installation is included with all TV size options at no additional charge.

If you'd Like to choose installation above a fireplace or outdoor installation there is an additional $100 charge.


You are not required to purchase a mounting bracket through us, however a mounting bracket is required in order to install your TV on the Wall. We offer several different types of brackets for you to choose from.

Low Profile/Fixed bracket starts at $79.

Articulating Mounting Bracket starts at $89

Tilt Mount Bracket starts at $99


We offer Electrical Outlets and 4K HDMI Cables as an add on to our TV installation Service.

An Electrical Receptacle is required for a neat and wire-free look, however if your tv location already has one then you can skip this option.

For TVs requiring an external video feed, we recommend using a longer 4Meter 4K HDMI Cable.. We run our HDMI Cables through the wall and a longer cable is usually necessary for most installations.

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