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founding story

Theater Monster was established in 2006 by Nathan Goldstein and his cousin Nick Siciliano, who shared a passion for electronics, audio-video systems, and home theater. Despite facing significant challenges in launching their business, they persevered through sleepless nights and sacrifices. However, the 2008 housing crisis and subsequent economic downturn left them financially drained and out of work, as luxury goods and home theater were not a priority for most people during those tough times. Rather than giving up, they decided to pivot their business towards offering Networking and Surveillance services, which they discovered had a strong demand, especially during difficult economic times. They found that people were willing to spend money on protecting their loved ones and businesses, even if they couldn't afford luxury items. In addition, they realized that networking was a promising niche to enter, given the rapid growth of the internet and connected devices over the past decade. Today, 15 years later, Theater Monster still offers the same exceptional services as when they first started.

Mission Statement

At Theater Monster, our mission is to provide innovative and high-quality audio-video systems, home theater, networking, and surveillance services to enhance our customers' lives and protect their loved ones and businesses. We strive to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and provide personalized solutions that cater to our clients' unique needs. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, transparency, and integrity in all our operations. Our ultimate goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients, empowering them to enjoy the full benefits of the digital world while feeling safe and secure.


Theater Monster is founded by Nathan Goldstein and Nick Siciliano, specializing in audio-video systems, home theater, and electronics.


Due to the US housing crisis and subsequent economic downturn, Theater Monster pivots its services to include networking and surveillance, as there is still a strong demand for security systems.


Nick moves out of state and the two part ways. Nathan continues on running Theater Monster by himself and hires his first employee


Our first fully dedicated home theater build out for a paying client. This was a major milestone as we would go on to be known for our amazing buildouts in the future


Theater Monster expands its services to include home automation, which integrates various systems in the home, such as lighting, security, entertainment, and temperature control.


Economy is in full recovery mode, lots of remodels and new construction happening and Theater Monster was right in the middle of it. This was the tail wind we needed.


Theater Monster begins to offer commercial services, providing networking and surveillance solutions for businesses.


Our first commercial contract with a nationwide commercial contracting company to provide low voltage systems for their national clients.


We became the prefferred Vendor for all of STIIIZY corporate offices and retail stores.


We doubled our previous years and had $1.2 M in Gross sales!!!


We did it again, We more than doubled 2020 sales and ended the year at $2.6M in Gross Sales.


On Track to double again. Looking to Close out the Year at $4M in Gross Sales. Currently laying the groundwork to franchise Theater Monster and have locations nationwide


Theater Monster expands its franchise program, allowing entrepreneurs nationwide to open their own Theater Monster locations.


Theater Monster reaches a milestone of 100 franchised locations na


Theater Monster continues to innovate and improve its services, expanding its reach and providing high-quality solutions to customers nationwide.


our name and the beloved
theater monster logo

The word "monster" has several definitions, and we've incorporated a few of them to create our name and identity. Most commonly, a monster is thought of as a scary, large creature in a fictional setting. Another definition uses the word to refer to something that is very large or powerful. Lastly, in everyday speech, a monster can describe something that is exceptionally impressive or outstanding.

Our company embodies these three interpretations of "monster." We are powerful, impressive, and massive in what we do. When combined with the word "theater," our name represents our core business of providing massive, impressive, and powerful home theaters. But we also carry these values through to our other offerings, as we like to go big with everything we do!

Our Monster Logo combines two things - a monster and a TV - to create an image of what a Theater Monster might look like. We're thrilled that our customers have responded positively to this image and it has become a beloved symbol of our company.

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