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Our range of Control4 lighting systems not only helps you save energy but also provides an enjoyable and convenient way to control the lighting in your home or business.

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Setting the scene
Automated Lighting Contorl

A scene controlled lighting system can be incredibly cool and fun. With the ability to customize and save different lighting configurations, you can create a unique ambiance for any occasion. For example, you could create a "movie night" scene that dims the lights, lowers the shades, and turns on a specific set of lights to create the perfect atmosphere for watching a film. Or, you could create a "party" scene that turns on vibrant, colorful lights to get everyone in the mood to dance. The possibilities are endless, and scene controlled lighting systems allow you to easily switch between different lighting setups with the touch of a button or through voice commands, making it both fun and convenient.


By using dimmers, switches, fan speed controllers, and keypads, we have the ability to manage and automate almost any 110v electrical load, providing you with the flexibility to create infinite lighting scenes.

Moreover, with Control4 lighting products, you can engrave descriptions on all keycaps, resulting in a sleek and functional appearance.

Been there,
Scene that!

We can produce stunning lighting scenes using our 6 button keypads, which allow you to create the ideal ambiance in your home with just the press of a button.

When paired with a control4 home automation system, we can take it a step further by adding music, tv, temperature control, shade control and volume control to a single button press!


A switch is typically used for loads that only need to turn on/off without dimming capability. Examples include; exterior lights, landscape lights, rope lights, Christmas lights, or lamps to name a few.


Our dimmers are designed to adjust the brightness of your lighting loads to create the perfect atmosphere in your home. With compatibility for LED, halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent lights, our dimmers offer versatility and flexibility in lighting control.


Our 6 button keypad offers seamless control over your home's lighting scenes. With the ability to customize each button, you can create the perfect ambiance with just a simple push. Whether you want to dim the lights, turn them off, or create a specific scene, our keypad puts the power of lighting control right at your fingertips.

Fan Speed Control

A fan speed controller allows you to adjust the speed of your ceiling fan for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. With our fan speed controller, you can easily set your fan to your desired speed, creating a perfect breeze in any room of your home.

lighting control options

an option for
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We offer a wide range of options for lighting control, each designed to meet your unique needs and preferences. Our selection includes dimmers, switches, keypads, plug modules, and fan speed controllers.No matter what your lighting control needs are, we have the perfect solution to help you create the perfect atmosphere in your home.

simplify your life
while reducing your carbon footprint

A lighting control system offers numerous energy-saving benefits for homes and businesses alike. By integrating sensors and timers, the system can automatically turn lights off in unoccupied areas or when natural light is sufficient. Additionally, the system can adjust the brightness of lights based on the time of day, season, or activity level in a given space, further reducing energy consumption. With the ability to remotely monitor and manage lighting usage, a lighting control system provides greater control and flexibility over energy usage, resulting in significant cost savings and a smaller carbon footprint.

Lighting Control

Explore The advanced features of the control4 keypad

Lighting Scenes

The Control4 keypad offers the flexibility of configuring and programming up to 18 distinct scenes. Each of the 6 buttons available can be tailored to launch a scene or function with a single, double, or triple tap. The lighting scenes encompass a wide range of options, including All Lights On, All Lights Off, Cooking, Dining, Party Mode, Morning, Goodnight, and many others. The level of customization is only limited by one's imagination.

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Audio Scenes

Ditch the outdated volume knobs in your rooms and switch to a Control4 keypad instead. The keypad allows you to program each button to launch your preferred audio source, ranging from Pandora to Spotify and everything in between. With the new keypad, you can conveniently access on-demand music, and you'll also have digital control to skip tracks and adjust the volume without needing to leave the room.

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Video Source control

Picture having a wall-mounted keypad with buttons labeled for "movie," "TV," "game," or "video streamer." No more struggling to locate the remote or fumbling for your phone; the 6-button keypad can activate a video source on your projector or TV with a single button press. Additionally, an "off" button can be customized to turn off your audio and video equipment, including the TV, cable box, and receiver. The keypad's versatility is truly remarkable and deserves consideration while designing an automated AV system.

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shade control

By programming a keypad, you can operate a motorized shade and conveniently raise or lower a single shade or group of shades in a room with a simple push of a button. Moreover, you can synchronize a group of shades to function in unison with a lighting, music, or video scene. For instance, while watching a movie, you can rely on the automation to create the perfect ambiance by lowering the shades, dimming the lights, and switching on the TV!

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