We provide and install State of the art security and surveillance systems

We provide and install State of the art security and surveillance systems

Surveillance Cameras

Theater Monster offers high-quality LUMA video surveillance cameras to protect your home or business. LUMA surveillance is a step above the competition, with an easier-to-navigate interface and more reliable products. All installation services come with service, products, and training.

Wireless Cameras

Wireless cameras offer additional options for those looking to secure their property in areas where wired connections may not be available. Theater Monster installs solar-powered wireless cameras where wired connections are unavailable. This delivers the peace of mind you deserve as a property owner.

Jobsite Camera Systems

Jobsite loss can be a severe issue, costing business owners hundreds to thousands of dollars in revenue loss. With employees, supervisors, and project managers busy at work, it’s hard to keep an eye on all the comings and goings on your property. Nighttime brings a whole other element to consider with jobsite loss. Keep closer track of your project with jobsite camera systems that maintain a visual connection of your project. We offer both permanent and temporary solutions to help you protect your jobsite at all times.

Security Alarm

Security alarms detect intrusion, unauthorized entry, and other movements throughout your property. When used in residential, commercial, and industrial properties, they add an extra layer of protection that combats threats and reduces robbery incidents.
If you’re looking to secure your property and prevent an invasion, we have the right option for you. Theater Monster offers comprehensive security alarms connecting doors, windows, motion detectors, and glass break sensors. When they detect a change in your environment, an alarm sounds that alerts those nearby and a monitoring center of a potential break-in.

Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring takes your security alarm services to the next level of protection with features that alert a call center when something changes in your home or business environment. You can access fire, police, or simply self-monitor with alerts that identify the source of your problem. If you’re unavailable, a third party is notified to send help to your property.
Need monitoring? Give us a shout. We’ll help you get suitable options for your property needs.

Access Control Systems

System access control is a security feature limiting who can view or access a location. The types of access control include physical and logical. Physical access control can limit access to buildings, campuses, rooms, and physical IT assets. Logical access control limits connections to computer networks, system files, and data. Contact our team today to discuss how access control systems can improve your business security.

Smart Door Locks

If you want a better way to control your home’s safety, consider investing in these convenient products. Theater Monster offers professional installation and programming for smart door locks. They can be integrated into your Control4 smart home system, allowing you to grant access to family and friends when needed.

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Just did a full system in my new house and it sounds amazing these guys do clean work and are very professional

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Theater Monster for the excellent service. I'm pleased with the work they did and I would highly recommend them. They hooked up my surround sound and put my tv above my fireplace.

Prescott C.

Nate and his entire team at Theater Monster are excellent at what they do. I just finished a giant remodel and not only did Nate and his team come in and present ideas and options that I had no idea were even possible

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