Digital Signage

Digital signage is a commercial technology that offers large-scale video screen service and advertising in one. You can use digital signage to provide public information, accent your brand, enhance the customer experience, highlight promotions, and increase brand recognition. Contact Theater Monster today to discover how to influence consumer behavior and decision-making using our digital signage services.

Commercial Data Networks

A quality commercial data network can improve system uptime, reliability, and efficiency. In most cases, having an effective commercial data network is overlooked. Our wire certification services solve issues caused by a low-integrity network by testing each wire on your network to verify its health. Once completed, you’ll receive a detailed report outlining our findings and fixing any problems in the fastest, most efficient way. Contact Theater Monster to discover how our attention to detail can benefit your business long-term.

POS System Wiring

Point of sale systems process payments for your commercial business. As the lifeline of your sales process, you need professionally installed wiring to ensure quality data connections. Otherwise, you face long-term issues like failed transactions. Contact Theater Monster today to discuss your POS system wiring needs.

Commercial Audio Systems

Reliable commercial audio systems create a speaker chain that connects an amplifier to your speakers to optimize the audio experience. This is the most cost-effective way to get quality audio to your business and motivate your staff. Contact Theater Monster today to learn more!

Commercial Video Systems

Commercial video systems allow you to control your business’ video sources from a convenient, centralized location. Save space, avoid unsightly wire displays, and streamline video distribution with our commercial video systems. Contact Theater Monster today to discuss simplifying your system with our dedicated services.

Security Systems

Theater Monster offers various security systems to help business owners protect their commercial property. Our commercial security experts can help you find the right system to keep your building, parking lot, employees, and customers safe. Choose from video surveillance, wireless camera systems, alarm monitoring, and more with our comprehensive services intended to protect you and your business.

Access Control

System access control is a security feature limiting who can view or access a location. This service is particularly helpful for commercial property and business owners who need to give various levels of access to physical and logical property. Physical access control can limit access to buildings, campuses, rooms, and physical IT assets. Logical access control limits connections to computer networks, system files, and data. Contact our team today to discuss how access control systems can improve your business security.


Have you ever thought about how a continuous surveillance system can increase the safety and security of your commercial property? Our CCTV surveillance cameras and recording devices can help you keep a closer eye on your property. Contact us today to discuss your commercial surveillance needs.

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Client Testimonials

Just did a full system in my new house and it sounds amazing these guys do clean work and are very professional

Kevin S.

Theater Monster for the excellent service. I'm pleased with the work they did and I would highly recommend them. They hooked up my surround sound and put my tv above my fireplace.

Prescott C.

Nate and his entire team at Theater Monster are excellent at what they do. I just finished a giant remodel and not only did Nate and his team come in and present ideas and options that I had no idea were even possible

Brad Perry

    Consistently rated 5 star