Amplify Your Experience with Our Audio/Video Systems

Amplify Your Experience with Our Audio/Video Systems

Surround Sound

Theater Monster installs surround sound systems customized to meet your audio and aesthetic needs. Our systems are intended to add real home entertainment you can share with friends and family. A quality surround sound system is a key part of a complete Audio/Video system.

Some of our most popular configurations include:

Whole House Audio

Set the mood with a whole-house audio system installed to create a seamless home entertainment experience. Theater Monster offers systems featuring easy controls from inwall screens and the convenience of your mobile device. Our multi-zone systems allow you to independently control audio and volume settings for each room in your house.

In addition to our new installations, we offer service and repair to get your sound systems running smoothly again. Explore our whole house audio solutions today, from in-ground audio to dedicated listening rooms!

Soundbar Installation

Soundbars enhance the listening experience in larger, more spacious rooms. Theater Monster offers quality installation to install or repair a soundbar that improves your home audio. We have the solution you need to enhance your home entertainment experience, from prominent speakers to visually appealing TV accents

Outdoor Audio/Video Systems

With Theater Monster’s outdoor audio systems, bring more enjoyment to your outdoor space. Our outdoor solutions truly turn up the party, with everything from inground subwoofers to limited-visibility speakers. Plus, you’ll get the quality installation and long-term care you need to make the most of your investment.


Sonos is an easy-to-use multi-room music system that offers custom audio control for every room in your home or business. Play music from the convenience of your fingertips with control of most streaming services from your favorite devices.
Commercial audio systems require advanced installation skills due to their complexity. At Theater Monster, we have the skills and expertise needed to work with these continuous voltage systems. Our team creates a cost-effective speaker chain that delivers an audio solution that enhances your business and motivates your staff.


While it might sound simple, our TV installation services bring you the setup you desire without the work. We’ll unpack, mount, secure, and connect your TV based on your requirements and requests. Once installation is complete, we’ll even clean up the work area and provide a quick tutorial that allows you to get the most out of your new TV.
Our custom TV installation services add a new dynamic to your family room or entertainment area. We can install a TV over your fireplace or into a recessed frame. Since innovative TV mounting can be tricky, we ensure you get the visual appeal you’re looking for and the secure installation you deserve.
Simplify your video system with our innovative video distribution services. Many homeowners choose to keep their video sources in a centralized location. This limits the equipment in rooms with space restrictions. You can also pause what you’re watching in one room and pick up where you left off in another room of your house. You can also stream the same video to multiple rooms and manage devices from one source.

Video Component Install

Ready to add a video streaming device to your home entertainment system? Our team can streamline the installation process and show you how to take advantage of your device’s unique features.

Theater Monster is considered the local expert in home theater installation. Whether you have your equipment or purchase a system through us, we work hard to ensure you get the best home theater for your needs. We’ll assist you in selecting the right products while considering the following before your project begins:

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Commercial audio/video systems allow you to broadcast company messages from single and multiple center points in your business. Unite your organization and increase efficiency using the substantial benefits of these systems.

Digital signage systems provide public information, promotions, brand recognition, and other visual communication for commercial businesses. It is a powerful way to accent your brand, enhance the customer experience, and influence customer behavior and decision-making.

Prices & Plans

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Awesome entry level surround sound system. Everything you need all in one low priced package.




Superior 7.1 Surround sound System with High Quality Components and a Multi Zone Receiver



We shop our compeition regularly to ensure that our pricing is in line with the market.


By keeping the right partnerships with our suppliers we are able to make the best products in the world available to our clients.


We pride ourselves on providing you with the best customer experience possible from an A/V Company.

Client Testimonials

Just did a full system in my new house and it sounds amazing these guys do clean work and are very professional

Kevin S.

Theater Monster for the excellent service. I'm pleased with the work they did and I would highly recommend them. They hooked up my surround sound and put my tv above my fireplace.

Prescott C.

Nate and his entire team at Theater Monster are excellent at what they do. I just finished a giant remodel and not only did Nate and his team come in and present ideas and options that I had no idea were even possible

Brad Perry

    Consistently rated 5 star